Vinyl Envy delivers a safe, intimate house party vibe with the focus directed solely at the stage. We invite people to come inside and explore our vinyl collection before the show at 7pm, then sit back and enjoy an incredible roster of local and international bands and musicians who grace our stage each week.

We are an all-ages venue, serving assorted non-alcoholic drinks including Phillips sodas as well as bottled water.

Come and check out a show.

Update: July / 2021

We are looking forward to hosting in-store events in September 2021. Keep an eye on our Instagram / Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements soon.



JNT Comedy Tour in Victoria | Comedy Night @ Vinyl Envy

The JNT Comedy Tour is one of our nation's largest comedy tours, with shows across Canada from coast to coast! This show features three of Canada's fastest rising talents and collectively they have amassed over 100 MILLION views on YouTube & Tiktok. Andrew Packer' comedy has earned him over 600K followers on...
20:00 doors at 19:30 Presented by: JNT Comedy $20 (+ $3.34 tax & fee)


Vinyl Envy Presents : Grapefruit is Impossible | T-Rav & Lambsbreath | Tzadeka

_____GRAPEFRUIT IS IMPOSSIBLE______ Grapefruit is Impossible​ is a six-piece band from Victoria, BC playing a fusion of original jazz and hip-hop music with technical instrumentation and uncontrollable enthusiasm. The band’s goal is to have as much fun as possible, and to create an open, unique live show...
20:00 - 22:00 doors at 19:30 Presented by: Vinyl Envy $15 Tickets at: Vinyl Envy


Vinyl Envy Presents : The Odd Neighbourhood | Locrian Tones

_____THE ODD NEIGHBOURHOOD______ The Odd Neighbourhood is a recording project by 21 year old Travis Adams, based out of British Columbia, Canada. All music is written, performed, recorded and produced by Adams in his home studio. The act’s live performances are done in part with three other musicians; Hoga...
20:00 - 22:00 doors at 19:30 Presented by: Vinyl Envy $15 Tickets at: Vinyl Envy