About Us

Vinyl Envy is an independent, vinyl record store/all-ages live music venue. We stock both new and used vinyl (10,000+Lps) and play host to all styles of music, including classic and alt rock, jazz, blues, soul, indie, hip hop, alt-country, reggae & electronica. Vinyl/Cd/Tape 'Release Parties' for musicians creating new music is a specialty of ours @VinylEnvy. As a band or solo artist etc, what better place to perform your new music than in front of a small crowd of friends and followers in a record store. We also host a new 2 day music festival known as Psych and Soul Weekend in the beautiful Met Church next door to our store every June. We sponsor Blender Night at Lucky Bar in Victoria every month as well as promote larger events outside of our store on a regular basis.

Our mission is to celebrate local talent whenever possible, but we also love playing host to touring bands passing through town. If you have a project or a private event (capacity 80) that you'd like to talk to us about, please get in touch.