About Us

Established in 2015, Vinyl Envy is an independent, vinyl record store as well as an all-ages live music venue with a capacity of 80. 

In our store we stock both new and used vinyl records (10,000+Lps) in addition to a good selection of local vinyl/CD & cassette releases. Our musical tastes include indie rock, folk/blues, funk/soul, jazz, hip hop, reggae and electronic.

As a live music venue, we have hosted over 300 in-store events with music from across the globe, including Tasmania, London U.K. Portland, Baltimore, L.A. as well as every province/territory in Canada. For musicians who are looking to do “Release Parties”, we are a great option. As a band or solo artist etc, what better place to perform your new music than in front of a small crowd of friends and followers in a record store. 

Since June of 2018, we have been co-curating "Blender Night" at Lucky Bar in Victoria as well as promoting larger events outside of our store under the umbrella Vinyl Envy Presents. 

Every year we host a 2 day musical showcase known as “Psych and Soul Weekend” at The Roxy Theatre, a charming 200+ seat authentic movie house erected in the 1950’s. Friday night features four psych/rock acts, Saturday night is Soul night, with the influences of funk/soul/hiphop included in the lineup. This years event is being postponed due to Covid-19. The confirmed dates for 2021 are May 14th and 15th. Our intention is to fully replicate the lineup we announced in March of 2020. 

Our mission is to celebrate local talent whenever possible, but we also love playing host to touring bands passing through town. If you have a project or a private event that you'd like to talk to us about, please get in touch, we’d be happy to host you.