The Bad, The Rolling Jungle, Teenage Violets

Sat. November 18th 7:45PM - 10:00PM doors at 7:00PM (All Ages)
Vinyl Envy is proud to present to you another night of live music in-store featuring:

Rolling Jungle (Victoria, BC)…/the-rolling-capones
Featuring members of local bands The Rolling Capones and Fiberglass Jungle, Rolling Jungle brings to you some swoony 40's style jazz with appalachian folk flavour! Check out the latest EP by The Rolling Capones for a taste of this band!

Teenage Violets (Victoria, BC)
Featuring members of Scars & Scarves and Thepurrverts, this new 50s style rock n' roll group is ready to transport you back in time! Where they're going, they don't NEED ROADS!!

The Bad (Victoria, BC)
The Bad reps some 70's flavoured roots rock with stoner rock influences, and blends it with the influences of their thick record collections, giving them a classic yet fresh vibe.

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Saturday November 18th - Doors 7:00PM
$10 - ALL AGES WELCOME - 1717 Quadra Street
Vinyl Envy

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