Vinyl Envy delivers a safe, intimate house party vibe with the focus directed solely at the stage. We invite people to come inside and explore our vinyl collection before the show at 7pm, then sit back and enjoy an incredible roster of local and international bands and musicians who grace our stage each week.

We are an all-ages venue, serving assorted non-alcoholic drinks including Phillips sodas as well as bottled water.

Come and check out a show.

Update: July / 2021

We are looking forward to hosting in-store events in September 2021. Keep an eye on our Instagram / Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements soon.



THE EИD….. DUO: Mats Gustafsson (/ baritone sax, flute and live electronics), Kjetil Møster (tenor sax, clarinet and electronics)

THE EИD means the serious meeting of the two Scandinavian innovative saxophone free blowers Kjetil Møster and Mats Gustafsson THE EИD DUO is an attempt to use all of those experiences and melt it together into something new and creative. Something of deeper poetic beauty and harsh brutality. THE EИD...
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM doors at 7:30 PM Presented by: Don Chessa $25. Tickets at: Vinyl Envy, Cavity Curiosity 2514 Douglas


THE END... DUO: Kjetil Møster , Mats Gustafsson

A Fifty-fifty Arts Collective New Music presentation Celebrating 20 years. Scandinavian innovative saxophone free blowers Kjetil Møster / tenor sax, clarinet and electronics and Mats Gustafsson / baritone sax, flute, electronics creative new perspectives of contemporary experimental music. Cosmic Foa...
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM doors at 7:30 PM Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective, Vinyl Envy 25$ Tickets at: Cavity Curiosity, Vinyl Envy