Mama's Broke , Dana Sipos, Ghostly Hounds

Fri. March 31st 19:00 - 23:00 (All Ages)
Presented by: Vinyl Envy
_____MAMA'S BROKE_____
Mama’s Broke have spent the past eight years in a near-constant state of transience, pounding the transatlantic tour trail. They've brought their dark, fiery folk-without-borders sound to major festivals and DIY punk houses alike, absorbing traditions from their maritime home in Eastern Canada all the way to Ireland and Indonesia. Nowhere is the duo's art-in-motion approach more apparent than on their long-awaited sophomore record Narrow Line (out May 13, 2022 on Free Dirt Records); it's the sound of nowhere in particular, yet woven with a rich synthesis of influences that knows no borders. The eleven songs on Narrow Line burrow deeply, with close harmony duets, commanding vocals, and poignant contemplations on cycles of life, including birth and death. Tinges of Americana stand side-by-side with the ghosts of Eastern European fiddle tunes and ancient a cappella ballad singing, melding into an unusually accessible dark-folk sound.
Folk Radio UK- “when Keeler and Maria come together and sing, it’s magic, and they reaffirm how nourishing music can be” “Their songs are weather beaten by dark realities and grey areas. The human condition…It’s brutally honest and evocative, managing to feel otherworldly, albeit with unvarnished truths.”
No Depression- “when Keeler and Maria come together and sing, it’s magic, and they reaffirm how nourishing music can be”

_____DANA SIPOS_____
Dana Sipos is an acclaimed Canadian songwriter whose work is described as "delicate, slightly strange and completely mesmerizing". A consummate performer, Sipos toured extensively across North America, Europe and Australia in support of her 2018 album, Trick of the Light, having been nominated for English Songwriter of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Her new album, The Astral Plane, out on Roaring Girl Records, has been lauded as "a mesmerizing jewel of an album (No Depression)" and garnered Sipos a 'Solo Artist of the Year' nomination (2022 CFMA)

Ghostly Hounds is the folk project of Francesca Mirai, singer-songwriter and banjo player based out of S,DÁYES/ Pender Island, BC. This fall they will be touring cross-country with a rotating cast of skilled instrumentalists to promote the release of their new album, In The Rubble.
With a background in classical, jazz and punk, Francesca has become known for their unique vocals. They captivate their audience with a clear, soaring range, powerful projection and just the right amount of grit, coalescing elegantly with traditional and modern banjo instrumentals. Francesca’s deeply personal song writing, with focus on themes of love and grief, has evoked adoration from listeners across Canada and the United States. Their skill as a songwriter, the intimacy and vulnerability of their songs, and their original and soulful arrangements have earned Ghostly Hounds enduring and enthusiastic support from their fans. Formed in Tiohtià:ke/ Montréal and often on the road, Francesca has toured this project all over the country delivering hundreds of performances from coast-to-coast.

August 26th, 1991 - August 18th, 2018
Vic horvath is a walk under the glowing embers in the wood stove sky. A mouth that mutters magic and breathes sinful strings and cackling feathers. This performer is found in dim lit bars crowded with whisky and slurred romances.
Featuring Francesca Mirai, Rad Juli, Geoff Howe and Chris Lloyd.